Morning Routine

September 3, 2019

Good morning.

We say it without thinking twice as we greet each other when we start our day. What is your morning routine?

Maybe it’s a race. You feel like you’re sprinting to meet the hands on the clock until you get to your first destination, brain is on blast, heart rate is up. There are already a million things you feel like you have to do.

Maybe you’re up and at ‘em, sun salutations and jog around the neighborhood, easy peasy.

Maybe you’re #TeamNoSleep and you crammed in that project with a deadline. Or hands are full with kids, and sleeping seems like a fantasy.

Perhaps you wake up like Beyonce, all fierce and perfect. An effortless breakfast is made, dishwasher is run, and you know what outfit you’re slaying the day in.

These are all normal and relatable (more or less on the Beyonce scenario). The first hours we wake up sets the foundation for the day, and I’m curious to see how you spend yours. How do you set up for what’s to come?

Things I believe in, in the morning:

  • Gratitude
  • Quality time
  • Coffee

I’ll admit it, these are not always the easiest to accommodate in the morning. Let’s be real, sometimes I am totally a frantic maniac, running around, wondering where my keys could be. Though, I am very mindful of how my mornings are and do my best to ensure I set myself up to work and be at my best.

My habits of a creative, a peek through a morning in my chaotic world:

I like waking up about two hours before I have to be somewhere. In that time, I set enough minutes to shower and pack my bag for the day. I know I want to feel clean and fresh for work, and with all the supplies I like to have in my work bag. 


In the shower is where I do a lot of my gratitude practice. Sometimes it’s journaling, sometimes it’s tweeting “grateful for today” (it’s a ritual I’ve had for seven years now), and a lot of times, I do my best thinking when I’m getting so fresh and so clean clean. It sets my intention for the day, and I’m in a mindset of abundance and appreciation. Having an attitude of gratitude is life-changing, y’all.

Quality time

Living with my partner and finding time with both our schedules can be tough. We make time to touch base in the morning, take a couple moments and have a conversation, or say bye before I start work. Before that when I was living at my parents’ house, I take the time to have a quick chat or eat with my parents before heading out the door. These little moments add up, and I believe that the people are the most special pillar of our lives. Take the time to connect with your loved one(s) around you each and every day.


Breakfast comes with this belief, and as the most important meal, I prioritize this as a non-negotiable. Our bodies have been fasting since dinner last night, and our brains are in need of some nutrients! Breakfast is SO significant in the morning. Whether it’s easy over eggs with sourdough, oats and berries, avocado toast, or breakfast burrito, I make it happen and love it.

And then I drink coffee like it’s the elixir of life, so that just comes as a bonus.

After those three things, I can start my day on a good foot, and it’s a portion of time I have full control over, before work throws any curveballs or before any interaction with the world.

So maybe it’s an hour. Maybe it’s two. Perhaps you do what you’re feeling. Whatever it may be, I hope your days start with intention and mindfulness, as we embark on our endeavors. Find a routine that works for you, and make it matter!

I find that having a morning routine is a nice injection of sanity in our wild and exciting lives. A little bit of constant in this beautiful chaos. A process that does indeed, yield a good morning.

What’s your morning routine?

xo – Dee