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A personal Manifesto
by Laura Murray

Life is short. 
I believe we must constantly pull ourselves into the present and let our passions guide us.  

I believe that we have the ability to choose our response to whatever is thrown at us in life. It is how we react to the events around us that will truly allow us to be happy at the end of the day. 

I believe that life is incomprehensibly beautiful. Joy and wonder surround us. Every single day I will seek this out, in the biggest moments and in the smallest details.

I believe in patience. That sometimes the best things are yet to come.

I believe we are never done learning. I will do something to quench this thirst for knowledge each and every day.  

I believe that we need to get uncomfortable in order to grow. The most meaningful changes occur when we get comfortable with discomfort.

I believe that real magic happens when we commit
to self-discipline.  

I believe in the power of working together as a group. That together we can move mountains. I am so much stronger in the presence of the people I surround myself with … my husband, my family, my friends, my clients, my peers, and all the creatives I have the joy of working with each day in my career. For it is people that make life worth living.   

And finally, I believe in love. Because our world is nothing without it.  




Hello!  My name is Laura Murray and I am the creator of Spark & Bound. 

I have spent the past decade working in my dream job as a photographer. Since I first began, life has only gotten more complex. I started to ask myself several questions.  How do I simplify? How do I distinctly identify and act on my core values? How can I craft a clear vision so I can work proactively instead of reactively?   

 After countless hours of research and many frustrations, I finally found a solution that has enabled me to thrive. With this knowledge and framework in place, everyday is filled with what matters most to me. And now, I want to share how to do this with others.  

Thus, Spark & Bound was created. The main tool is an aesthetically driven physical day planner... however I call it a goal achievement system. Nowadays there is an app for everything, but there is something so beautiful and effective about going back to the basics of working with pen and paper.

I hope this tool will enable you to clearly define and then reach your most wild dreams and extraordinary goals.

Photo by Rachel Havel